Customize : Restrict Session Date to Use Future Date AX 2012

Session date can help user to change the date for the current client session. The following list provides examples of some processes or areas of Microsoft Dynamics AX that are affected when you change the client session date:

  • The posting date in all modules
  • The invoice date and associated due date
  • The statistics period in which the current transaction is updated

But, session date for future date it can be a blunder for data posting. For example now we are in date Feb 22, 2017 and we can create posting inventory journal for a month after or a year after by change the session date. Therefore, wee need to restrict session date to change into future date.

To access session date, you can use this navigation :  Click File > Tools > Session date and time or you can access from this menu :


This is session date form :


You can add a coding in form above to restrict date from future date in method validate like in picture below.


This is full coding of method validate :

boolean validate()
 boolean ok;

 ok = super();

 if (ok && !this.dateValue())
 return checkFailed("@SYS24455");

 //Custom Begin
 if (ok && this.dateValue() > today())
 return checkFailed("No future date posting.");
 //Custom end

 return ok;

If all custom was finished, let’s try to change session date a mont after,



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