enum2str Function in AX

This function is used to converts the specified enumerated text to a string.  There is only a parameter in this function :

  1. _enum : The enumerated text to convert.

Example :

static void enum2StrExample(Args _arg)
 InventTransType itTypeSU, itTypeSO;
 LedgerTransType ltType;
 itTypeSU = InventTransType::SummedUp;
 itTypeSO = InventTransType::Sales;
 ltType = LedgerTransType::ExchAdjustment;

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str2Date Function in AX

This function is used to convert the specified string to a date value. There is 2 parameters in this function :

  1. _text : The string to convert to a date value.
  2. _sequence : A three digit integer that describes the positions of the day, month, and year in the string to convert (day = 1, month = 2, year = 3). For example, if we want to use year, month, day, we must write 321.

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